About Us
Baltimore Public Markets Corporation ( BPMC) was established in 1995 as a non-profit organization, to
operate the public markets in a manner beneficial to the City of Baltimore and it's citizens. We are proud to
be part of Baltimore's many hard working agencies, associations and organizations that are largely
responsible for making Baltimore the extraordinary city it is today.

BPMC and Lexington Market, Inc. enter into a Teaming Agreement in 2005.  The Board of Directors created
one Executive Director position  to manage both corporations which remain separate and distinct legal

BPMC operates five of the city's old fashioned markets. Come and experience the personality of unique
boutiques, eateries and fresh food, produce and bakery shops, all in the heart of Baltimore's neighborhoods.

Our office handles all matters pertaining to the operation of the markets. This includes issues such as
leasing, vendor concerns, etc. For further information, contact us.

Our Goal
At Baltimore Public Markets Corporation, we pride ourselves in knowing that Baltimore has the oldest
continually operating public market system in the nation. It is our goal and desire to maintain the markets as
a part of the City's heritage. We strive to provide you with  buildings that are safe and clean. We will continue
the tradition of providing the patrons of our markets with food and service that is of high quality and
standards that you deserve. So come on by, for a little personal service and be pampered at our markets in
Baltimore City's most historic neighborhoods.