About Us

Baltimore’s Public Markets are the oldest continuously operating public market system in the United States. In operation before the city’s health department and even the mayor’s office, the markets continue to maintain a tradition for which Baltimore is famous.

In the developing stages of Baltimore’s cities, tradespeople needed a common meeting place. Thus, the idea of a market house was born. A public lottery funded construction of the first in 1763. The markets served as the city’s major source of food and were the destination of farmers from nearby counties to sell livestock and produce.
Today, six Baltimore City Public Markets remain. The markets have evolved over the past two centuries; but they are now, as they have been throughout the city’s history, a significant institution that reflects the past and future character of Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

The markets feature a wide range of products, including local produce, high-quality meats and fresh seafood, Baltimore’s world-famous crabcakes, wine and cheese. You can also find specialty items unique to our markets such as authentic ethnic delicacies, tripe, beef tongue, rabbit and even muskrat.

Come experience our great diversity of food vendors and expand your culinary palate. Whether you’re looking to stay for a meal or just stop by for groceries, our markets have something delicious for everyone.