Where can one find a classic old-school butcher in this town? We recommend Henry Reisinger of Fenwick Meats at the Cross Street Market in Federal Hill. The business has been around since 1952. Henry started in 1985 and took over the business 2 years later. You can get fresh meats at affordable prices cut to order by a skilled craftsman with over 30 years’ experience; holy cow parts! Many in the South Baltimore crowd know Henry and his proud tradition at Fenwick meats. But his customers come from throughout Baltimore City and surrounding counties, owing to Henry’s ability to slice and dice. He knows the cuts of meat that we only see on charts. That makes a visit to Fenwick Meats an education for some of us. Henry appreciates all his customers; they always bring something new. That’s why Henry Reisinger takes good care of his customers. He wants you to come, and come back, to Fenwick Choice Meats at Cross Street Market. Most do!