Get your fix of fresh roasted everything in northeast Baltimore at Fresh Roast Marketplace. When we say “roasted everything” we really mean it. Whether you’re craving roasted turkey, freshly cooked corned beef or fresh roasted beef, it’s all available in one convenient place and boy, is it tasty.

For nearly a decade, this cozy eatery, tucked away inside of Northeast Market, has been serving the hungry locals when they get a hankering for savory and succulent slices of fresh roasted meats. The lunch crowd seems to favor the juicy burgers and roast beef sandwiches while the dinner crowd is always delighted to pick up a roast after work and skip the trials and tribulations of cooking at home. Don’t forget the soup, chili and any other traditional American fare you can imagine. You can grab a delightful meal for even the pickiest of eaters. No matter what you’re coming in for that day, you can rest assured that it is made fresh and handcrafted for each individual customer to enjoy.

Fresh Roast is also a favorite of the Johns Hopkins medical campus and the various visitors, staff and regulars that frequent the area. Nothing can fix a stressful day like a stacked sandwich customized with your favorite toppings and, of course, freshly prepared and cooked meats of your choice. One thing that brings all of Fresh Roast’s customers together is the love for delicious roasted meat and all the different delightful ways it can be served and eaten!