Around the clock, especially late into the night, you will find Lucia’s/Joanne’s bustling eatery at Broadway Market in the City’s trendy Fells Point neighborhood. What makes this restaurant unique is a menu that incorporates adventurous Korean-American fusion cuisine as well as traditional American fare that always satisfies cravings for comfort food. With so many options available in one place, it’s no wonder that this spot has become as popular as it is.

This cute and cozy diner is a favorite among the hundreds of locals as well as visitors. Whether customers are visiting during the work day for lunch or stumbling in after an eventful experience with Fells Point nightlife, they know Lucia’s is a comfortable place to get a tasty meal. Among Lucia’s beloved patrons, Law enforcement considers this spot to be a staple of the community and you can often find uniformed personnel seated inside enjoying bite to eat before continuing their shifts.

Everything at this diner is hand-crafted and made-to-order which puts it a level above the rest. Fresh ingredients make everything taste better, especially when it comes to the delicious Korean items on the menu. For late night pizza lovers, Joanne’s is located across the center aisle with the best slices this city has to offer on weekend evenings! This is definitely the place to satisfy those pizza cravings that can strike at any time. Along with pizza, there’s seafood, sandwiches, salads and soups that are all conveniently available in the Broadway Market south pavilion in historic Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore.