Swing on over to Nick’s when you’re in search for the finest raw seafood bar, including sushi, in the South Baltimore area. This eatery was founded by Nicolas Chagoirs in 1975 and lives on to this day with new management since 2008. This roomy and animated spot is a local favorite that has also become popular among visitors from near and far. The home-grown atmosphere of this eatery appeals to tourists from Philadelphia to Washington, DC and to the faithful sports fans who camp out at Nick’s before and after Baltimore Orioles and Ravens games.

Generations of customers have made their way to and through Nick’s for a taste of traditional Baltimore seafood, especially the freshly succulent oysters. Around these parts, oysters and beer, crabs and beer, shrimp and beer, sushi and beer all hold a special place in the hearts and stomachs of natives and locals. Enjoy these regional delicacies in a comfortable environment with plenty of room for big parties, especially when it comes to game Sundays and the throngs of sports fans that come through Nick’s doors to enjoy each other’s company.

Make your way over to South Baltimore’s most infamous seafood spot for any occasion and make sure to pack your appetite. Without costing you an arm and a (crab) leg, you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood fare with family and friends while you are surrounded with overflowing glasses of your favorite craft beers Monday through Sunday at Nick’s Inner Harbor Seafood at Cross Street Market in Federal Hill.