Take a stroll down to Cross Street Market in Federal Hill on your lunch break and pop into Steve’s Lunch, an eatery that’s been around since 1964 and a local favorite among the South Baltimore crowd for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack. Owner John Nichols took over this neighborhood eatery in 1970, succeeding his father and original owner “Steve”. For 46 years, John has been able to continue his father’s legacy of providing excellent food and service for everyone in the area and creating many memorable friendships with customers throughout the years.

This durable business has a specialty that locals ask for time and time again: the fresh steakfish sandwich. If you have not yet indulged in this tasty treat, you are missing out! This sandwich features a deliciously tender 1-inch fillet of Hake (rhymes with steak) fish that is hand breaded, seasoned and fried to order. This is an old-school Baltimore favorite and makes for an affordable yet delicious meal for any time you’re in the mood for some home-style cooking made with fresh ingredients.

Steve’s Lunch is a family-oriented business that caters to everyone. John enjoys serving up his delicious meals for old and new friends, alike. Upon your first visit, this spot is sure to become one of your new favorites with its cozy atmosphere, delicious food, friendly staff and authentic local vibe with loyal customers who have been regulars for years.

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or looking for a historic go-to diner, get acquainted with Steve’s Lunch at the Cross Street Market in South Baltimore’s Federal Hill and you will always have a place to eat where you’re welcomed graciously and treated like part of the family.